What Makes Super Fans so Super? A Climb to the Peak of the Mountain.

Apr 30, 2021 5 min read
What Makes Super Fans so Super? A Climb to the Peak of the Mountain.

In Safia's previous article, she explains one of the higher and more frequently engaged segments: Promising. She explained how these relationships are formed, grown, and maintained for a desired community health index. Port allows you to follow each member on the segments and see who needs more attention and who is at the peak of your grid, spreading your content, words, and product to others. The last time we went through the journey of Mariam P. as our example member, our main intention is to see how each segment’s engagement activities are, how they maintain or get into another segment.

Each segment on Port represents a different level of intensity and recency of engagements with yours or related technology, other community members, and the relative value they bring. The following article will be focusing on a new segment, which holds the highest frequency and recency of engagements. We will continue to trek upward, with our eyes set on the top of the mountain: Super Fans! This particular segment is the most important, relatively minor part of your community. But is in your hand to move more members closer to this part of the grid.

Our co-founder, Jake Stott, for his view on the Super Fans:

These particular members of your community have proven themselves to be the most active part of your grid. They share your content, work, and product as if they are a part of it, believe in the true potential of your product, and generously spread your vision behind it with their community. As a community manager, when you take a look at the people in the Super Fan segment, you know whom you might know or met in the past, or in these conditions, the ones you’ll meet in person and share thoughts with when it’s possible again.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on Tania Sofia. They are a developer and a social media person, creating content on Twitter on YouTube for the most part. They are working as a developer but creating content for others and getting more people interested in DevRel and learning from her previous knowledge and research is also a part of their daily intentions. Working on their projects is as crucial as posting tutorials for entry-level people in DevRel or looking for basic knowledge on learning and using products.

Shortly after creating an account on Port, seeing their community health index and how people in there are a part of their growth, Tania took their time to examine the tool's eligibility and share it with her community over her channels. After careful consideration, they decided that it helped them create or maintain healthy relationships with the members of their community. They decided to make a YouTube video tutorial on how the product pursues, determines the index, and the purpose of joining the community.

They are aware that and sustaining a healthy community is the new and most relevant factor of community led-growth, spreading ideas, growing businesses, and foremost getting the value from members to expand the idea behind each service or product.

When they released their YouTube tutorial on how the product works, the benefits, and how it would help each DevRel profession, they held a significant intention on people deciding to join the product. As many tutorials take place, explain and help people on how they could use and get the most out of a product, Tania helped them with all of them with their YouTube tutorial. This added a visible point and recency to their community activity.

As time goes and the YouTube tutorial gets more attention, more people who follow Tania’s account know about your product. In the meantime, they also contact people over other channels, answer their questions over comments, mention you and your product over their social platforms to promote their tutorial. This allows people to get an objective perspective of your product through Tania’s vision, spared by her online community.

While Tania keeps interacting and engaging with her community, this helps them to grow their community. Building a community is primarily about engaging with people, knowing their interests and professions, leading them in being more of two-sided relations, where the community manager observes and also takes the step to reach out and connect to their members. Super Fans are the peak of your mountain, leading your community to a better health index and closer relations.

You should always be looking out for them, seeing if they are a part of your team (they might be current or former colleagues) or outside relations. You might ask them to be ambassadors or join programs and give them the recognition or rewards they deserve for what they’ve been doing for your community. These are the members you should be trusting the most in terms of spreading your word to others; even though the recency of their activities drops and they move into another segment like Fans, they still have the odds to be active again and become a Super Fan.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Port’s Community Grid and other features help developer relations to build stronger communities, make sure, you follow our blog and join our Discord channel. Here in the Captains of Community, you’ll meet to share their experiences about developer relations and community-led growth.

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