Is Your Member Gone for Good?

May 11, 2021 5 min read
Is Your Member Gone for Good?

Going, Going Gone!

You just lost a valuable member of your developer community.

We get it. Being a community manager is SUPER hard. You have to wear many hats and navigate a plethora of different tasks such as building SDKs, producing technical content and working alongside and supporting developer teams. Keeping track of everything and everyone can be really stressful.

Some days you win. Other days you lose. Some days you win back. Other days you’re stuck trying to figure out who was lost, to begin with. It’s a never-ending cycle and the idea of slowing or stagnating growth can be really concerning. So how do we navigate this?

Port’s community grid provides you with the insight you need to track your community member’s lifecycle by letting you know your community members' journeys based on total engagement. As a community manager you can use this information to see how engaged your members are and carry out necessary outreach to either engage or reengage with members in order to build and sustain healthy membership.

As our co-founder, Nick Dijkstra, says:

So in order to  understand who a Gone member is, for the purpose of carrying out necessary  outreach, let's examine the characteristics of Gone members and what they mean to your community. Here's what our other co-founder, Jake Stott, had to say:

As Jake says, Gone members can represent a wide range of different member perspectives and stories but the common factor that exists between all these descriptions is that it doesn't matter how engaged members in the Gone segment were in the past; the reality is they have left your active community and aren't currently engaging. If these members reengage with you, Port will move them back to one of the more optimistic segments that are aligned on the left of the grid. However, if they don’t, you may have just lost a valuable member forever. So how can a developer relations leader target the developers in this segment?

Let's journey with Gone member Abigail to understand how.

Abigail is a Frontend Developer who joined your community two years ago. When Abigail just joined, she was excited about your product and everything your community could offer her in her role. She quickly moved through the optimistic segments in your community as she became more and more engaged by participating at conferences, creating product videos on YouTube and just being an overall awesome community member.

Throughout her membership Abigail has moved from Promising to Engaged and then from Fan to SuperFan segments, creating value wherever she went. Last year at the start of the pandemic,  Abigail decided to take a chance on herself and make a career switch to UX Design and as such overtime her engagement in your community has decreased. The last time Abigail engaged with your community was almost a year ago when she randomly updated a Wiki page. And so your team is starting to wonder if Abigail has completely gone out of your community or if it's possible to regain her as a valuable member.

And so you’re beginning to ask the questions "How do you win members back even when it seems like Mission Impossible?" and "How do you know when to let them go?"

Communities aren’t always stable. Members grow and go through changes in their personal and professional lives and communities grow in size and even change their mission and values overtime. Port’s Community segmentation tools give you the details you need to start your day with a plan : allowing you to meet your members where they are and provide them with the help they need so you can reel them in and regain their attention.

As you target specific segments and address the concerns of the people in them, you are able to assess members on a personal level to make the right decisions for your community health. In Abigail’s case, you are tasked as a community manager to make the decision of either letting Abigail go or seeing a potential for future growth and engagement.

Say for example your community provides resources and products for developers who code in HTML,CSS and JavaScript. Since Abigail has traded her code-related technical skills, for more creative ones such as Adobe Photoshop, Figma and InDesign she no longer has a place in your community and so it might be best for you to let her go.

However if your community has a long term goal of serving diverse tech professionals then this might present an opportunity for you to pull Abigail back in by inviting more UX professionals to your community and providing her with the resources she needs in her transition. It also presents an opportunity for you to introduce her to peers she can collaborate with and a place to feel like she truly belongs thus causing her to move into more optimistic segments in your community overtime and even become a force multiplier: helping to improve and sustain your community health.

The Port community grid provides you with the insight you need to reach out and reconnect with the right developers at the right time, with relevant and value-added information: helping you to catch members like Abigail just in time before they’re gone for good.

Curious about how Port can help you improve your community's growth, retention and engagement? feel free to join our Discord channel  to ask questions and learn much more!

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And please do spread the word about Port's free Community Grid tool to your developer relations and product marketing friends. They can use it to check the health of their membership in less than five minutes and engage with members who truly matter!

Community Grid
See your developer community in a new light with the Community Grid. Intuitive color-coded segmentation, real-time data and a new understanding of how to engage, retain and grow your community. Ideal for DevRel, open source evangelists, and community managers.

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