Is Your Community Performing Well? Pursue It With Community Health Index

Jun 28, 2021 4 min read
Is Your Community Performing Well? Pursue It With Community Health Index

Do you feel like you're not sure about how healthy your community is? How about keeping track of your members by checking your Community Health Index?

Port's community has a tagline as "Port allows you to grow, engage and retain your members wherever they are". When you have a community that is either small or larger in terms of the number of members, keeping relationships close or seeing how they're doing is essential. Community Health Index has an abstract concept and assessment for determining your community's current situation.

Having a large community doesn't necessarily mean that you're having a successful engagement with your members. It's a bit unusual because if you grow your community, that is essential, but it's not the only thing.

It doesn't mean that you're performing better. You maybe have a larger community. Every so often, brands and businesses follow along with hiring multiple people to manage or build their community; they are also looking for a way to measure how they know it's worth it. What Port calls it is ROI, return on investment, and that is a great enigma in the whole community field. Community health index is your way to measure your return on investment for community building? Because it's not quite the same as sales. Having a thriving and healthy community relies on maintaining connections.

The Port score has a significant impact on your community health. Port score is a replacement as a community health index, but rather for the entire community; it's just for a particular member. You can see who has more potential, better communication, and the top people in your community with the designated score from 0 to 100. People who are either new to your community or fading away may have had a lower score.

Here is how our co-founder Nick Dijkstra defines community health index in his interview with us:

Port created an algorithm that puts that together, and that is away; if that number is increasing, then that is a way to prove that the investment you make in your community is being effective.

In an ideal situation, the optimum goal is to get as numerous members raised number as possible. If a community manager can get all members to beyond 80 and above, you perform an outstanding performance in being a community manager. So, this is an alternative method to confirm your earnings return on investment and you're truly reaching your goals as a community manager.

Segmentation is usually a marketing term. You may separate people into diverse sections. But in this case, this algorithm also parallels the community grid because the community grid is a visual representation of segmentation in the community. If you're targeting a specific group of people in your community, let's say, segments below promising, you may then put that into several other segments to target and work on all of them as a whole. Maybe some members spend more time on one community platform or channel, which shows that they're toward different kinds of engagement tools, or ideas they're involved in, or distinct types of content.

Port score is a bit more precise to a member. So what do you know about that member? How do you know their engagement, action, reach, and the audience they may have? Because those elements go into how relevant that member might be to you, you're not assuming that they may be less estimable than another person. With more than a factor of simple math, the reality is back to that point; a Port user has a small quantity of time each day to do the required operations before doing other things elements of their business.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Port’s Community Grid and other features help developer relations to build stronger communities, make sure you follow our blog and join our Discord channel. Here in the Captains of Community, you’ll meet to share their experiences about developer relations and community-led growth.

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