Catching New Members! Who is Promising? and Why that Matters

Apr 27, 2021 5 min read
Catching New Members! Who is Promising? and Why that Matters

In Nick's last article, he helped you to get your feet wet by giving you an overview of what the different Port community segments mean and how they can help you achieve your community goals. Over the next few weeks, we plan to build on that knowledge and explain each segment a bit more thoroughly to give you a better understanding of how you can use Port's segmentation tools to grow, retain and engage with your members, wherever they are. To begin, let’s review what the Promising segment is all about.

Last week we sat down with Port's Co-founder, Jake Stott, and here's what he had to say about Promising community members:

To reiterate, Promising members are fairly active members who have the potential to become a bigger source of value for the community. These members thrive on curiosity, finding a place within the community and learning more about what value your product/service can offer them and vice versa. As such, this presents the perfect opportunity for you as a community manager to capitalize on that interest by keeping them engaged.

Take Mariam P. for example. She is a developer currently working in the open-source space and she recently joined your Developer Slack channel. She introduced herself and took the time to get familiar with other members. As time passes she pops in to share tips and ask insightful questions. You and your team soon realize that Mariam is a Promising member with the potential to become a superstar. She really knows her stuff! And, she's passionate about helping others know more about your product too.

After a few weeks, Mariam shares that she is currently working on an open-source project of her own. This presents the perfect opportunity for you to reach out and provide her with the best support possible. She begins by asking questions on Slack. No one can give her the answers she is looking for, so she waits. You don't see her message right away, because you are monitoring several other channels and engaging other members at the same time. In the meantime, she steers her focus to another topic and then, Mariam begins to slowly but surely drift away.

As the deadline for her project nears Mariam feels disappointed because she didn't get the answer she needed, leaving her to feel unsure about whether or not she can depend on the community in moments when she gets stuck. As a community manager, you know the value Mariam offers as a developer, and you really don't want to see them go. But her impression has soured and now it will take an extra effort to set the relationship on the right course.

It's hard to know how active community members are across different platforms. Having to manage community members as well as keep up with them being active on one channel such as Discord and inactive on another such as GitHub can make the job of a community manager especially difficult. With Port, your community manager experience is made easier. From the moment you define your topics of interest, developers like Mariam are identified and segmented, giving you and your team the information you need to keep them engaged by building an authentic and quality relationship. Equipped with a dynamic, real-time user profile (which we'll explain in coming weeks) you would've been able to understand Mariam in the right context in order to provide them with the help, resources and support they need to thrive.

As community builders, we want to focus on the relationships that matter. That's why we're working on the tools you need to capitalize on member interests and build high-quality, sustainable relationships from the moment they first walk through the door. If you're aware that Mariam just joined your community, you can maintain a relationship with her and track her community growth from the moment she joins and even long after her project is complete – allowing you to retain her as a long term member.

Similarly, as with other members in your community, your ability to not only reach out and engage with them but also make them feel like a valued member of the community will be the greatest determinant of future growth. The more you are able to capitalize on those factors is the greater the possibility of converting those members into Fans or Super Fans who then become force multipliers in your community.

If however, you allow that initial interest to fade away, Promising members may drift into categories such as Adrift, At-Risk or Moved On. Not to worry though, there is still a small journey to sail before your members are completely Gone. And so with Port, you are able to understand your member’s journeys with a bird's eye view allowing you to take the necessary actions to regain their interest before it’s too late.

The Community Grid is therefore a valuable tool for you to not only grow your community and track your member’s progress but also helps to build and sustain quality relationships and keep your members engaged. Each segment provides greater insight on how you as a community manager can understand your community better and meet your member's needs on a case-by-case or segment by segment basis. In the coming weeks, we'll discuss and cover more on this to provide you with the details you need to build a better and more sustainable community.

If you have any questions on how Port can help you improve your community's growth, retention and engagement feel free to join our Discord channel here to ask questions and learn more.

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And please, help spread the word about the free Community Grid tool to your developer relations and product marketing friends. They can use it to check the health of their membership in less than five minutes!

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