Almost there! These people are your real “Fans.”

May 10, 2021 4 min read
Almost there! These people are your real “Fans.”

There are some people you know who are always there for you, keep in touch with you, keep you up to date with their work, mention try to mention you, and appreciate your efforts as much as possible. You are always in contact with them, but sometimes there is a slight disruption, which is the time frame and frequency. Can you guess which segment we will be discussing? They are your Fans in the community and also the focal point of this article.

In our last several articles, we've described to you some of the segments that take place in the Community Grid of Port. These articles defined each segment, focused on how they're uniquely featured and how you could reach out to each member in these segments to maintain and grow your community.

From the very beginning, we've aimed to describe each segment within the integrity of how the Community Grid operates to assists you with your community health. To that extent, we've shared our Promising, SuperFan, and Losing segments and today we aim to provide even more value to you by discussing Fans!

Before we get right in and discover more about them, let's find out how our co-founder Nick established the segment:

Fans are more inclined to be active at certain times, get away for a while, take some time off, or manage other projects, but they're likely to come back and be active again.

In this article, we'll be continuing our journey with Alex Howard. Alex is a member that is in the Fans segment of your grid. You've seen them around for a while now, followed their actions and activities on different platforms, and you see the significance they bring to your community. As a community manager, you know that having more performing members like them would lead your community to a healthier index and more engagement within the community.

They are an active user of particular channels and tend to be very accommodating to others, spreading knowledge and sharing experiences of their own. Recently, Alex explained a question about 3D on Stack Overflow.

Alex's contribution to users in Stack Overflow has given them utility in the grid as they were working and doing valuable activities online. Even though it was a pretty powerful move, the next few weeks would have been less active since they took a yearly vacation and was not as active in the community as usual.

So this would have cost them a bit but still keeping them in the same segment by the time they were away. This situation has happened because of the estimable work they have done on Stack Overflow by answering questions on highly engaged topics such as 3D. Many people will be getting guidance with Alex's answer and use it as a source for their work.

Fans in the Community Grid go through phases where they can either be highly engaged or not active at all. It can be an engagement to ask or, more importantly, answer questions to help others gain knowledge on a specific topic. From time to time, they do take a break, either because they have an off-work topic, a holiday, or some tasks to focus on during that time frame. This inevitable situation doesn't make them less dedicated to their community but instead.

They could be slipping away; maybe the situation may look a little risky because they were deep into being engaged until that time compared to the rest of the members in your community. Still, a load amount of time should pass for them to drift away or be at risk. You still have the chance to go through the Fan segments; make sure you check in with the members and make sure they're okay with everything. Make sure not to ignore them, keep them updated with your updates and projects, but try to make it not so ad-like, to make them feel the personal attention and value.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Port's Community Grid and other features help developer relations to build stronger communities, make sure, you follow our blog and join our Discord channel. Here in the Captains of Community, you'll meet to share their experiences about developer relations and community-led growth.

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Are you curious about the Fans in your community? Why not see what that segment looks like for real? You can do that in less than five minutes with Port for free, then learn how to grow it more effectively.

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